Sonali D'silva is the author of a book on personal leadership called, Corporate Nirvana. Her second book is releasing in 2018 called the '25 Practices of Inclusive Leaders'. Find out more about both her books below. Write to us to pre-order Sonali's upcoming book '25 Practices of Inclusive Leaders' and receive a FREE copy of 'Morning Musings on Inclusivity' - a collection of Sonali's 100 original quotes on leadership & inclusion - only with per-orders! 

Sonali D'silva

Sonali has written extensively over the years on leadership development, cultural competence and personal effectiveness. Her writings have been published in mainstream media, and her blog on LinkedIn is followed and read by thousands of business readers every month. Sonali writes on themes of Inclusive Leadership, Gender Equality & Women in Leadership.

25 Practices of Inclusive Leaders

About the book

25 Practices of Inclusive Leaders, to be released in 2018, is a handbook for leaders who care about being inclusive of their diverse team and customer base. The book shares 25 practices that can help you be an Inclusive Leader and sustain a team culture of safety, belonging and connectedness. Being inclusive is the bedrock of any diversity agenda, without that, diversity is not likely to stick and won't matter in the long run. Look around you, we are not becoming more stable and predictable as a workforce or as a customer base, we are becoming more diverse and challenging to lead and succeed. What might really support you as a leader is to add the ingredient of inclusivity to your mindset and skillset, so you can engage with your team, and those around you, in a way that focuses on everyone's cultural and personal strengths. Understanding and exercising these 25 practices can build you up to be a leader who helps their team embrace their differences and learn to work with them effectively and with awareness. It's a great time to be an Inclusive Leader, and not just an effective one.

  Email  us to be notified of pre-orders & get a free  'Morning Musings Collection on Inclusivity'  only with pre-orders.

Email us to be notified of pre-orders & get a free 'Morning Musings Collection on Inclusivity' only with pre-orders.

Corporate Nirvana

About the book

Corporate Nirvana was Sonali's first book and offers powerful insights to identify our true goals, and lead a meaningful life. It is full of inspiring and practical ideas, shared through a leader's extraordinary story set in the corporate world. His struggle with his dysfunctional personal and professional life will resonate with many of us who choose to live a hectic life as the expense of our own best leadership interests. As we forget why we began our leadership journey, we tend to lose sight of who we are and what we value. We begin to exclude those we once cared about, even our team and peers, not to mention our loved ones. Inclusive Leaders, on the other hand, have a sense of balance as they stay in touch with their core and what they value above short-term gains. Several readers have found useful lessons on how to balance their personal and professional success through this book. Shop for Corporate Nirvana

  Buy Corporate Nirvana  for several inspiring lessons in leadership.

Buy Corporate Nirvana for several inspiring lessons in leadership.