About Us

Equality Consulting was set up in Adelaide, Australia in 2017 with the intention to build Inclusive Leaders within organisations and teams. Our services include workshops and speaking engagements. This includes five key programs on leadership development, helping women become influential leaders and developing inclusive teams. All programs are based on research outcomes on what helps diversity stick and what makes a diverse team function well. Equality Consulting operates out of Australia and can cater to your training needs across the globe. 


We help build Inclusive Leaders who can nurture diversity


Our mission is to reach out and speak to a 100,000 leaders over the next 10 years with the message of leading with a sense of connectedness and belonging.  

About Sonali D'silva

  Sonali D'silva, Founder & Principal Consultant

Sonali D'silva, Founder & Principal Consultant

Equality Consulting was started by Sonali D'silva to take the message of Inclusive Leadership to those who influence business outcomes. As Principal Consultant, she conducts flagship programs and takes up speaking engagements. Read more about Sonali's two decades of global leadership development experience. Find out more about her 10 year mission and plans. Click here for Sonali's full profile.