Visible Women Academy is a program of Equality Consulting best suited to professional women who are looking for specific strategies to expand their influence, grow their leadership and move ahead in their career and aspirations. We run public workshops regularly on the topic, and can also craft a program for women employees of your organisation.

Most professional women get stuck with these FOUR roadblocks:

  • Fall invisible in so much noise, and struggle to stand apart

  • Fail to focus on and build their influence as a professional

  • Forget to expand their network and keep stepping up

  • Fumble with leadership language to elevate their career

Visible Women academy helps women stand out and build influence Through:

  1. MeetUps in Adelaide that educate and share powerful strategies to be visible

  2. A Facebook Community that helps women find doable strategies to stand out from the crowd

  3. One-on-one Mentoring Packages that can help navigate professional decisions and key goals

  4. Half-day Workshops for powerful professional strategies to step up and step out in your career

  5. Masterclasses for women who are ready to grow their influence & leadership

Does building influence and your leadership language take time?

The answer is yes, it does take some time. We provide time-tested, credible and practical strategies, it still takes your hard work, willingness, engagement and involvement to get to where you want to be.

The bigger issue often is not time, but lack of strategies, ideas that can help women build their influence and leadership in ways that feel confident, comfortable and aligned to their preferences and values.

The idea is to grow in ways that align with your values and feel comfortable.

It's important you feel good when you step up and step out. Which is why we are passionate about the Visible Women Academy and how it can be a powerful and supportive space in achieving your professional aspirations in ways that feel right and feel good.

join THE VISIBLE Women MeetUp to attend upcoming events to grow your influence.

Write to us here for more on professional development options for women or to run in-house workshops for women.

Meanwhile, watch #VisTips and begin learning to step up and step out right away.