The Inclusion Project

The Inclusion Project is a community initiative started by Equality Consulting to learn strategies that cultivate belonging in individuals and teams. 

Too many people feel lonely, excluded and unsafe in our world today that is changing rapidly and leaving many behind in the process. Can we inspire each other to be more inclusive of the person sitting next to us? Who are we when we are excluded and who can we become when we are included?

We search for answers & ideas through:

  • Organisational leaders
  • Community leaders
  • Diversity & Inclusion specialists
  • Advocates for equality



Join us in this dialogue and in our effort to help people feel more connected and included

We do this through two efforts - storytelling and interviews:

  • Leaders Speak Series -We seek out leaders across industries and sectors to hear their ideas and strategies to lead with a sense of inclusion and connectedness
  • Stories of Inclusion - We gather stories of connection & belonging from all walks of life that can inspire you and I, and how we could help others feel like they belong

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How Can You Get Involved?

1. INDIVIDUALS: If you are an individual, Send in your story when you felt like you belonged, feel free to remain anonymous if you wish

2. ORGANISATIONS: If you are an organisation, you could do two things to be part of The Inclusion Project

  • You could Write to us if one of your leaders would like to be interviewed to share their Inclusive Leadership strategies and represent your organisation 
  • Participate and partner in our ongoing research on what behaviours create inclusive leaders and teams, and cultivate a culture of connectedness