Read Stories of Inclusion, Belonging and Connection that individuals share here, so they can honour the place and the person who helped them feel like they matter.


So often, we get lost in what’s not working, how we were rejected and felt like we didn’t belong. How would your dialogue and personal narrative change when you read uplifting stories?  Would you also share yours? These are inspiring stories of hope and belonging, about how someone felt after an unexpected conversation, over a cup of tea, at a job interview, in their team, in a new country, in a new job, on a bus or in their neighbourhood.

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Story #1 

My Story of inclusion

Shared by Bahar.

As a new migrant in Australia, I faced huge differences, different culture, lifestyle, different expectations and so on. I went through different challenges and ups and downs to adapt to all these new things.  One of them was to find a job relevant to my skills and studies.

Going through difficulties of applying for a job, receiving hundreds of rejections and not being trusted enough to be given a job, I already felt excluded or separated from the rest of the people living in this country. I was thinking of what is wrong with me? My background, my language or accent or was it my appearance or my unfamiliar name?

After two years worth of attempts to find a job, The Australian Red Cross was the organisation that gave me the opportunity to be accepted and to be heard. Although I started as a volunteer, this organisation showed me that I am valued for who I am and respected me for my differences. It gave me the space to be heard as an inexperienced young volunteer, to share my opinions and views and reflect them on its strategies and action plans.

By giving me the space and the opportunity to show my skills and build on my confidence and by being accepted and heard, Red Cross proved not to be afraid of my differences, but actually value them as these differences make each of us unique.

I felt included and accepted for who I am there.

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