About Sonali D'silva

  Sonali D'silva, Founder & Principal Consultant, Equality Consulting

Sonali D'silva, Founder & Principal Consultant, Equality Consulting

My Purpose is to help leaders lead WITH A SENSE OF INCLUSIVITY, CONNECTEDNESS & BELONGING, so their people feel like doing their best work and bring their whole selves to work.

Thank you for your interest in Equality Consulting. I am a Leadership Development professional by education and practice. My strength lies in accelerating your Diversity & Inclusion goals, so you can create a culture that supports your diverse workforce and and a rapidly changing customer base. Over the past two decades, my work with various global organisations has taken me across US, UK, Europe and Asia. While on this journey, I've conducted more than 500 in-person workshops on Leadership Development, Cultural Competence and Team Effectiveness. At this stage in life, I am in a good place to say, I've got perspective. A keen eye for what creates engagement, equality and helps us be more effective at leading ourselves and others. I started Equality Consulting because our world needs more leaders who are comfortable and competent at working with diverse teams and customers, and I continue to learn and discover every day. 

Experience & Education

I am a published author of a book on personal leadership called, Corporate Nirvana, and in the process of writing my second book called, '25 Practices of Inclusive Leaders'. I write regularly and my articles have been published in mainstream media. I have an MBA in HR and a number of international certifications in leadership development, diversity & inclusion, cultural competence and personal effectiveness. My most recent certification this year has been from the University of Pennsylvania in 'Optimizing Diversity on Teams'. More details about my credentials can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

What keeps me going

I am passionate about developing leaders who know how to use the sticky glue of inclusion to nurture diversity. I get excited about helping women expand their leadership influence and advocate for men to get involved with Gender Equality efforts. All my work involves teaching and supporting inclusive practices that can create progress and profits both. My personal mission is to reach 100,000 leaders over the next ten years with my message of leading with connectedness and a sense of belonging because our unequal world needs a better way of leading and being.

Volunteer causes and organisations

I am a member of UN Women National Committee Australia and an advocate for UN's HeForShe initiative. I volunteer on initiatives with the Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia and the Australian Red Cross. I also began and lead a Lean In Circle in Adelaide that brings together aspiring women leaders. In addition, I am a course mentor for Coursera.org online course offered by Case Western Reserve University on Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence.

How may I engage with you in building Inclusive Leaders?

Training Workshops

Speaking Engagements

Specialties & Core Areas: Inclusive Leadership | Inclusive Practices | Diversity | Leadership Development for Women | Involving Men in Gender Diversity | Gender Equality | Leading Diverse Teams | Leadership Consulting | Cultural Collaboration | Coaching & Feedback |

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