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From Networking to Connecting

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Remember, without a positive and diverse network of mentors, supporters, advisors, referees and well-wishers, we make our career progress and our goals so much harder than they need to be. Having people around us who can help open doors is like an accelerated route to where you want to go. In turn, you support them, too. Feel excited about this ride yet?


Networking in the traditional sense is not inspiring and leaves many of us feeling uncomfortable, embarrassed or just plain bored. Often, dead end conversations leave us looking around desperately for a graceful way to move on. Connecting works so much better and can leave you feeling CAPABLE, courageous and confident. All good things that can move your career ahead and get you noticed for the RIGHT reasons.

If you really want to move from networking to CONNECTING, then this is the workshop to attend. Professional relationships aren't that different from personal ones. We all look for TRUST, comfort, safety and mutual liking to build relationships. So, let's find practical ways to build our professional network based on basics of great, positive relationships.

You can learn to turn strangers into SUPPORTERS that want to see you succeed and build you up when you need it the most. That's what I am teaching in this workshop through my immense personal and professional experience of EXPANDING my network in a short time. I am still at it.


The fact is, we all have it in us to have a RICH, diverse, relevant and INSPIRING network. You just need to know how to turn conversations around, so they change from transactional to TRANSFORMATIONAL. That's what this event is about. Plus you'll meet new connections!