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Becoming a Visible Woman

  • Equality Consulting (map)

Success in your career goals is not always about how qualified and experienced you might be. It’s also about your internal sense of confidence and personal influence that can propel your career. Without these crucial elements, we might get busy being busy, but might not progress at a pace that can get our career moving and growing regularly.

Instead, do you get caught up in overthinking and hesitating if you should put your hand up while opportunities don’t wait around for you? Many women find it hard to be seen and heard, not realising that being invisible is not an empowering or useful place to be. When we fall invisible in all the noise around us, or wait for permission to stand out and be visible, we lose out on opportunities to grow. Our competence, ideas and value go unnoticed, too.

How would it feel if you could instead?

➢ Speak up and have people listen and respect your ideas
➢ Feel the confidence that can help you take that next step
➢ Know how to convey your talents and value to others
➢ Be seen and recognised for your ideas and competence
➢ Grow the support you need through building connections

All of this is part of this powerful half-day workshop!