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How to Reap the Diversity Dividend

  • MCBI 4/15 Featherstone Place Adelaide SA 5000 (map)


Most organisations are looking to enhance diversity in their ranks and in the overall workforce mix. Not many are focused on seeking the diversity dividend once they have diverse teams and organisations on hand. Also, does diversity work to our advantage in every situation and at all levels of complexity? Research is telling us, perhaps not. We need to work with our differences in a way that’s strategic, so we solve the right kind of problems at the right time through a process that leverages a specific set of differences.  

Too often, leaders can stumble after committing to diversity goals. Or reach a level of diversity but fail to see a return on their investment. While there’s an ethical and social argument to encourage a varied workforce, we can’t turn away from the economic agenda of it. A lot of times, teams and leaders can’t find a good reason to make that extra effort and break out of old habits of familiarity and sameness. It doesn’t make us bad people, just human. We all look for an incentive to change behaviour and do something differently.

It’s time we stop struggling with gathering more diversity within our organisations and asking if we are using what we have wisely or not.

How would it feel if you could:

Ø  Avoid the risk of putting teams in the diversity dilemma

Ø  Help your team to feel they are valued for their differences

Ø  Feel the confidence to leverage diversity at the right time

Ø  Know when to call upon specific differences to the table

Ø  Reap the rewards of investing in building a diverse team

Ø  Learn to share your leadership load through diversity

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